Tazigen Festival vol.2 in NYC was successfully finished!!!

Thank you for everyone involved and shared the multi dimensional experiences together!!!

Tazigen Festival vol.3 is coming this summer! In Berlin, Germany! 


Hello, this is a multi-dimensional festival. 

1st one was held in the town of Koenji, Tokyo,  Japan in 2013. The event name, meaning "exchange of diverse cultures and human beings" has been put. 

Why New York? 

Since internet is widespread these days, you can see and hear the things easily all over the world by just opening your laptop. You can also exchange cultural experiences even if you're in Tokyo or some other cities.

However, New York City is still the one of the most place where people aim for art. We truly believe that playing live music there is precious and valuable. With hoping to see multi varieties of people as many as we can, this second time will be in here, New York City. 


Friday, November 7, 2014 at 7 PM

Sean's basement

"Tazigen opening Party" BYOB.



Lulla, Bong Island, iDEBRIS BOUQUET , Oskar Bonstroke,Erico Wakamatsu

PALESSTomoaki saito featuring Kiichi Ito


Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 8 PM

Goodbye Blue Monday, NYC USA

Japanese independent music event

"Tazigen festival vol.2 in NYC!" No Cover!



Youth YamadaPALESSUBI Quitous(UBI & FU)Tomoaki saito featuring Kiichi Ito


1087 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11221


Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 7 PM


At 8 pm Tazigens "naked" performance including live painting! Free Japanese sake & $5 donation to music! An open session in the end of the night!
Tazigens(Paless / Tomoaki Saito / Kiichi Ito / Youth Yamada / UBI Quitous)

156 Rivington St New York, NY 10002


Youth Yamada

From “The World Chocolate”/

a singer-songwriter in NYC  


RYOHEI and KAORI make 50th century music since 2009 in TOKYO

UBI Quitous(UBI&FU)

An experimental space rocker/ singer-songwriter from Japan 

Tomoaki Saito

A Composer/singer- songwriter from Japan 

Kiichi Ito

A bass player from Japan 


Multi-dimensions mean dimension exist/exists at several places at the same time. It's one and plural. It's one kind of measure that calculate energy, and the energy is the one which cover the whole universe we live.

Tokyo and NY are the most multi dimensional cities of this world, so called the third planet  of the sun, the earth. From death to be born, sex to sacred, non existence to "be", Dream to void, all the things gather to choose the experience now.

We are only one part of it, and savages, unconditional love, the serenity of God are the represents of them.

The layer that we, Tazigens performs music on Nov 8 & 9 in NYC will have an huge effect all through the world for several years to come. We will know and feel it later when we went to the place we've already known everything.

Everybody, let's do it, experience the experiences. It's the only aim we'll accomplish on this world. (The multi-dimensionally ubiquity existence that is called Ubi, in the name of "Quitous". It's the same thing that Jesus is the name of the one condition of "Christ".)

- UBI Quitous


Love and ego create this world, and people who live in.

-Youth Yamada


Recently expression is a condition that must always assert intention. Concept is a state that should not be driven out clearly. It is a situation very hysterical.


But it is unnatural. Willing to not claim that there are many in this world is the source of the music of PALESS.


Playing music and performing are all we can do technically. But we believe that this event is one of the best way to represent the people who live this actual living world without any material purpose.

So let's come and join us to watch, think and communicate each other throughout this borderless world, that we really hope.


We think all the people live in their own dimension. If you think the music will break the concept of your music, it depends on our own feeling. That's all.

So we met up. If you have a gap let's find an element with us. So live with the gap.

- Kiichi Ito 

When we listen to the music, we actually listen to the people. People who willing to express. 

- Tomoaki Saito